Frequently asked questions

It is prohibited. The driver must hold a certain driving category on the diving license for the specific vehicle he wish to rent.

Please find the details below:

  • Category AM Driving License for Scooters 80cc.
  • Category A1 Driving License for Scooters 125cc.
  • Category A Driving License for Scooters 150cc and bigger.
  • Category B for Cars, Buggies and Quads
  • You may cancel your booking at any time by requesting cancellation via email to Cancellations 7 days before the actual date of renting are acceptable.
  • If you fail to cancel your reservation prior to the Pick Up Time and do not collect the vehicle on the Pick Up Date, we reserve the right to make a No Show/Lost Rental Charge which recovers our administration costs and compensates us for our inability to rent the vehicle when it was reserved for your use. In this case, we don't refund any prepaid reservation.
  • Refunds will be made to the credit card that the original booking was made on, via Paypal or Bank Transfer (Send your BIC Number, Name, Bank Name, Address via email).

We receive a deposit for renting a scooter, a quad or a buggy.

We return the deposit to you the last day of the rental, only when the vehicle is returned on its initial condition.

In case of renting a car, we do not receive any deposit.

You should return the vehicle with fuel as much as when you received it.

If the fuel is less you will have to pay the difference and you will be charged a refueling fee.

We deliver all over the island. The only thing that you should do is to fill our reservation form with all needed information.

After we receive your reservation, we conntact with you via WhatsApp, email or phone call in order to arrange where we will meet.

Airport Delivery

When you choose to book a car from the airport, we meet on this spot (inside the Parking Area).

Port Delivery

One of our employees will wait for you outside the ship or somewhere on the surounding area.

Please have your mobile phone switched on so we can contact you.

In case you cannot find each other, please go to the passengers' kiosk which is located opposite the ship. Please wait outside and we will come for you.

In case something goes wrong to contact us. 

Hotel Delivery

The date and time that you choose for the collection of the car, one of our employees will wait for you outside the chosen hotel or area to deliver you the vehicle.

Usually we meet outside of the Reception Area (or Parking Place).

In case you face a problem, do not hesitate to call us directly at 0030 6936784331 and do not forget to bring your driving license and your ID with you.


All our prices include Full Insurance without any excess (Full Insurance with 0% excess) but the terms are differiciate depending the vehicles.


Full Insurance without Excess (Full Insurance with 0% excess) when renting a car:

Full Insurance without excess (FDW) covers:

  • Physical damage to third parties up to 1.300.000€/person.
  • Material damage to third parties up to 1.300.000€.
  • Personal accident up to 15.000€.
  • Legal protection for drivers up to 3.000€.
  • Insurance of a covered vehicle from an uninsured vehicle up to €100,000
  • Medical care.
  • Fire
  • Total or partial theft.
  • Vehicle damage caused by the driver with another moving object.


This insurance does not apply to any of the following:

  • Usage of the vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
  • Usage of the vehicle by a driver who is under influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Usage of the vehicle for illegal purposes.
  • Towing or propelling any other vehicle.
  • Racing contests or training activities.
  • Driving Off-road or in unpaved roads that are not regurarly maintained.
  • Further usage of the vehicle after the confirmed returned date signed on the contract.
  • Damages in the interior part of the vehicle.
  • Key Damage or Loss
  • All penalties and fines caused by infringement of Road Circulation Code will be paid by the driver.


Extra Insurance 5€/day

If purchased, this package fully protects the renter from damages may caused in the bottom area of the car, damaged or ripped tires and broken mirrors.


Full Insurance with 0% excess when renting a Scooter, Quad or Buggy

  • In case of an accident the insurance will cover the damages of both sides.

  • When the customer is the only one involved in the accident, no third party is involved he is responsible to pay the full value of the damage.



This insurance does not apply to any of the following:

  • The driver will be charged the cost of damaged or ripped wheels, tires and the undercarriage of the motorcycle (except if they are caused by natural causes).
  • If the driver does not comply with the contract's terms and damage the vehicle by himself, then is charged all the costs of repairing.
  • In case of falling down without an actual accident with another moving object, the insurance does not cover any damage.
  • Only authorized and listed in the contract drivers have the permission to drive the rented vehicle.
  • Your obligation is to wear always your safety helmets and belts.
  • Damages caused from driving in unpaved roads will be charged accordingly.
  • Off-road driving or racing is forbidden.
  • Consumption of illegal substances or alcohol while driving is forbidden.
  • Key Damage or Key Loss is not covered at all cases.
  • All penalties and fines caused by infringement of Road Circulation Code will be paid by the driver.
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